About the Study Tour


In July/August 2017 a group of 28 TPM Master students and 2 teachers will travel for 3 weeks to Azerbaijan and Japan. During the study tour companies, institutes, universities, as well as cultural highlights will be visited. The study tour committee will strive to arrange a program that will be interesting for students in all current MSc programmes of the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management.

Study Tour Aims

The purpose of the study tour is to bring you in contact with the more practical aspects of your chosen MSc. By participating in case studies and visiting foreign companies, you will broaden your view on the world. In addition, the tour will serve to expose you to new ways in which your specialisation can be applied.

Another purpose of the study tour is to gain knowledge regarding the culture, science and industry of other countries. By gaining more information about these topics and the different developments and fast growing markets in these countries, you are able to make a comparison between the Netherlands and the countries that we will be visiting.

The study tour will take place in the summer of 2017. And of course the most important goal of the study tour 2017 is to give you the journey of your life! You will get to know new countries, cultures, companies and will become closer to your fellow students. The study tour committee will do everything they can to give you a memorable tour around the world.

If you’re interested, keep your eyes on this website and we will provide updates about the application, destinations, activities and other developments. Feel free to email us at studytour@curius.nl.

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